• Amber and Sandalwood 4oz Body Spray

Amber and Sandalwood fragrance captures the essence of warm, glowing sunsets with a creamy, sensual blend of notes. The opening notes of the fragrance are rich and earthy, with the scent of freshly chopped sandalwood, which mixes perfectly with the warm, intoxicating aroma of amber. The heart of the fragrance is characterized by a creamy, almost silky note that rounds out the scent, giving it a pleasant smoothness. The base notes, on the other hand, are distinctly warm and comforting, with the gentle, earthy scent of vanilla adding a touch of coziness to the blend. Overall, this fragrance is perfect for those looking for a deep and inviting scent that oozes confidence and sophistication.

Top Note – Warm Spice
Middle Note – Amber
Bottom Note – Sandalwood

Ingredients: Water, polysorbate 80, methylchloroisothiazolinone, polysorbate 20, methylisothiazolinone, disodium cupic citrate, citric acid, sodium laurel sulfate, ethyl alcohol, fragrance oil(s).

Amber and Sandalwood 4oz Body Spray

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