• Bedtime Baby 4oz Room Spray

This fragrance is the soothing bedtime blend of mandarin, lavender and chamomile, neroli and lily of the valley. Bottom notes of hay and musk.Sweet Dreams Sweet baby!!

Top Notes:
Heliotrope, Violet, Mandarin

Middle Notes:
Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Lily of the Valley

Base Notes:
Chamomile, Musk, Hay

Ingredients: Water, Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 80, sodium lauryl sulfate, disodium cupric citrate, citric acid, ethyl alcohol (Also found in rubbing alcohol and popular skincare

Plus base fragrance for scent. Shelf Life: 2 years. This product comes in a 7-inch tall Stainless Steel Canister and has 4 FL OZ of fragrance.

Bedtime Baby 4oz Room Spray

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